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Vitamin C: Richest Foods for Vegetarians (per 100g)

Vitamin C acts as an antioxydant, helps collagen synthesis and stimulates immunity.
Vitamin C enhances Iron absorption.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top Vitamin C Rich Foods for Vegetarians
880%660mgchives, freeze-dried (100g)
324%243mgdried dulse (100g)
323%243mghot chili pepper (100g)
304%228mgguava (100g)
245%184mgyellow bell pepper (100g)
244%183mgdried litchi (100g)
241%181mgblackcurrant (100g)
213%160mgspices, thyme, fresh (100g)
199%149mgparsley, freeze-dried (100g)
181%136mgorange peel, raw (100g)
177%133mgparsley, fresh (100g)
172%129mglemon peel, raw (100g)
170%128mgred bell pepper (100g)
163%122mgspices, parsley, dried (100g)
160%120mgkale (100g)
124%93mgkiwifruit (100g)
113%85mgspices, dill weed, fresh (100g)
112%84mgcandied foods, pineapple (100g)
108%81mgspices, cloves, ground (100g)
108%81mgspices, saffron (100g)
107%80mggreen bell pepper (100g)
107%80mglambsquarters (100g)
102%76mgspices, pepper, red or cyenne (100g)
99%74mgboiled green bell pepper (100g)
95%72mglitchi (100g)
95%71mgspices, paprika (100g)
92%69mgcress (100g)
91%68mgcanned hot chili pepper (100g)
89%67mgcandies, skittles (100g)
87%65mgbroccoli (100g)
85%64mgchili powder (100g)
83%62mgkohlrabi, raw (100g)
83%62mgbrussels sprouts, boiled, drained (100g)
82%62mgpapaya (100g)
82%61mgspices, basil, dried (100g)
82%61mgspices, rosemary, dried (100g)
81%61mgpummelo (100g)
80%60mgraw snow peas (100g)
78%59mgstrawberry (100g)
77%58mgchives, raw (100g)
76%57mgcabbage, red, raw (100g)
72%54mgkohlrabi, boiled, drained (100g)
71%53mgorange, all commercial varieties, raw (100g)
71%53mglemon, raw, without peel (100g)
69%51mgspices, marjoram, dried (100g)
67%50mgfresh orange juice (100g)
67%50mgspices, chervil, dried (100g)
67%50mgspices, dill weed, dried (100g)
67%50mgspices, savory, ground (100g)
67%50mgspices, tarragon, dried (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Vitamin C Rich Foods for Vegetarians
426%320mgguava (140g)
338%253mgblackcurrant (140g)
208%156mgyellow bell pepper (85g)
175%131mgfresh orange juice (250ml)
173%130mgkiwifruit (140g)
136%102mgkale (85g)
133%100mglitchi (140g)
115%87mgpapaya (140g)
114%85mgpummelo (140g)
110%82mgstrawberry (140g)
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